More and more local businesses are closing down, due to the competition of larger businesses having a greater online presence than they do. Firstly this is because local businesses rely heavily on word of mouth, but times have changed and the way people spread news has changed as well. The second reason is that small local businesses feel they do not have the budget and resources to be online.

CityLocal Business Directory

CityLocal Business Directory

CityLocal has come up with an ingenious way to help local businesses have an online presence and still not go over budget. Although we know that local businesses are not large corporate businesses, we understand that they are the heart of the community, so deserve to be found, on major search engines, such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. We can optimize local businesses online for a competitive price. Businesses can also have their profile on the CityLocal Business Directory, which generates over a million hits in a year.

Why is online advertising important for local businesses? Well research shows that online advertising grew by 16% in 2013, breaking through the £5bn barrier. This is a 30% increase since 2010! And it is still growing. Local businesses can be part of this exciting growth, so they can raise their brand awareness and in turn generate more customers. It is at the end of the day, about the customers!

CityLocal not only helps local businesses, but offers this exciting opportunity as a franchise. A CityLocal franchisee will promote local businesses in their area using our web 2.0 platform and targeted marketing materials. Being a CityLocal franchisee, you will not be left alone or thrown into the deep end, there’s an experienced team of professionals to help you out every step of the way.

So why not become a CityLocal franchisee; help your local businesses and make anything from £21,000 to £100,000!?


Promoting your business requires tremendous effort and a keen business insight if you want to succeed. The explosion of the internet has made businesses compete intensely, trying to succeed online.

However businesses can too succeed with old school marketing techniques, which are still valid today. When the world is chasing after online business promotions, CityLocal, a business directory, uses both online and offline promotion, so you get the best of both worlds.

ImagePromoting your business offline has definite perks because you can target people in your local area. With a direct mail campaign you can reach out to people in and around your business area. In this way you can target thousands of homes. And a mail campaign done every quarter of the year can help increase the revenue of your business by about £10,000 every year!

CityLocal’s offline promotion facility also helps you send special gift vouchers, which are the same offers as on their website and these vouchers go to thousands of different homes. This helps in adding a much needed personal touch to your business campaign.

The benefit that CityLocal provides is that it maintains a complete balance between both online and offline promotion, paying attention to both.

Online Business Promotion

Online Business Promotion

Every business  needs good exposure of their website online. This not only can generate new leads and increase sales, but it can help existing customers keep informed about new product/services a particular business has to offer.

If you want to increase traffic on your website, improve visibility, enhance sales and gain more customers, then putting your business/brand out there is the best way to go. There are many different advertising strategies and some of those can be expensive. However there are advertising strategies  that are highly affordable and can help reach your potential customers.

Using an online business directory to advertise your business is one of those affordable strategies. By listing your business on these directories you will be able to reach more customers and avoid having to go through expensive and lengthy marketing campaigns that may or may not work at all. Citylocal UK is one amongst such business directories that help you advertise and promote your business online successfully, fast and free.

When listing your business website in Citylocal, you will be able to enjoy various benefits provided by them. Here are some advantages for using the CityLocal Business Directory to promote your business:

•    Customers generally visit this type of website in search of local businesses, products and their services. Instead of performing a general internet search, citylocal allows customers to easily and quickly find what they are looking for.

•    There can be great SEO advantages of being listed in a business directory. It can help your website get the top search rankings across all the search engines.

•    They give customers security as they are purchasing products from a reliable and well-reviewed source.

Moreover, if you join Citylocal, you will be able to meet and greet other people from the various industries. Meeting like-minded people will help you stay focused on your business goal. Also, you will get to know about the latest business and marketing trends.

This is certainly an effective and necessary part of increasing business visibility as well as acquiring the competitive edge over other businesses in your industry.

So, what are you waiting for? List your business on Citylocal today and be assured of the instant results!

Being an employee can be frustrating and dissatisfying at times. The working environment especially cooperate environments can have a lot of tension within them. This tension can sometimes be due to your superiors causing you to feel depressed and de-motivated, while sometimes it might be your colleague’s strange reactions/behaviours.

City Local

City Local

To avoid such problems in today’s competitive work scenario, starting your own business is the only way out. By doing so, you get an opportunity to be your own boss, at the same time making more money!

A disadvantage to being your own boss is that all the responsibility to make your business successful is placed solely on your shoulders. You have to think about marketing, retaining customers, getting customers etc, the list is endless. As a small business owner this can be daunting. Whether you sell goods or offer services, help is available to help you market your business, CityLocal can help.

CityLocal promote businesses online, through search engine optimisation and offline, through door drops and so much more. Therefore, the services and products of your business become visible to all potential customers in your local region.

With CityLocal, you can be assured of effective and top-notch marketing all across the local regions. You can also learn a lot of marketing skills, ideas and techniques to drive your business on the path to success.

Another wonderful benefit of connecting with City Local is their friendly, supportive and experienced team of professionals who are besides their customers 24/7 to assist them in every kind of need.

Why not take a tour of their website and connect with them today!

Registering your business on a local online business directory is a smart marketing strategy. Now-a-days more and more people are relying on the internet to gather almost every kind of information. Directories provide information about businesses located in a particular area/Town/City, making them an ideal platform to make your presence known to potential customers.

UK business directory

UK business directory

Citylocal is a UK based business directory that provides businesses, news, jobs, weather, cinemas and events present in any particular area. In addition, they offer franchise opportunities to those who want to set up and run their own business.

If you are looking to advertise in the citylocal business directory, call 0800 433 2600, or would like to become their franchisee, then you can easily find citylocal on the following websites. Have a look.

•    Total Franchise :- provides a multitude of business franchises. Easily search citylocal on this website.

•    Slideshare :- This is known as the world’s largest group for sharing PowerPoint presentations, PDF, keynote and info graphics.

•    Franchise Direct :- If you are looking for the best business franchises in the UK, then refer to this site. They provide free information on franchises for sale.

•    Franchise Sales :- Browse to find the franchise and business opportunities in UK.

•    Pressat :- Provide effective press release distribution services for companies in UK. It allows you to spread your news and gain media coverage in national press.

•    App Store in iTunes :- You can easily find citylocal iPhone app on the app store in iTunes.

•    Daltons Business :- They provide information about the best and latest franchise business opportunities.

•    Franchise Business :- UK’s franchise market website with more than 160 franchises. You can easily find citylocal on this website and become a member of it.

•    Alexa :- This site includes information about websites’ internet traffic stats, top sites, online reviews and search statistics etc.

•    Android Apps on Google Play :- Download citylocal app directly from the Google play store on your android devices.

Therefore, if you want to add your business on a business directory or want to become its franchisee, then explore any of the above website and register yourself with CityLocal!

You might have often wondered that how good it might have been if you would have comfortably woken up late in the morning without worrying about what to wear for your office today and were still, able to earn a good amount of money, all from the comfort of your home. Yes! We understand what’s going on in your brains and that is why City Local a brand in it, gives you the opportunity to satisfactorily work from home, make money and also take a good care of your family members.

Citylocal Work From Home

Citylocal Work From Home

I bet you that work would have never been so much fun this way! City Local helps build your national and international business relations thereby focusing on helping you get more and more projects and earning so well. The freedom associated with such kind of work factor makes you the boss of your own and keeps you away from any kind of politics or unwanted intervention. Make your own commitments, plan your schedule and decide when and how you wish to work.

Another major benefit of working from home is that you are readily available for your partner and close members of your family. Following are the advantages of working from home:

1.    With our internet business, you can save tax by allocating a percentage of your bills towards business expense.

2.    You can expect low overheads, can work when you want and can get truly rewarded for all your efforts.

3.    Less money is spent on fuel, less time queuing in traffic, more time is spent on work and the work can be easily managed from your home’s comfort.

4.    Dress up only when you have clients’ visit and with kitchen close at hand, you can forget about the junk food.

5.    You will instill a higher level of confidence and will have reduced stress that will lead you to a better health.

With City Local, we help you focus in a better way on your business and help in its efficient running, thereby focusing on the maximization of sales and long-term profits. You can enjoy your stay at home, can take a break and go for a walk whenever you wish to do so, without worrying much about your work. Just make sure you have a phone with unlimited national/local calls, a laptop with a high speed broadband connection and a small car.

The main motive of running a business is to gain high-end profits. Marketing is thus, considered essential as it brings every business into the limelight and boosts sales up to the desired level, in order to make the high-end profit.

City Local Franchise

City Local Franchise

For a small enterprise, it is always expensive to invest in the top-notch marketing strategies. However, this does not mean they can never gain the interest of customers. Instead, they go for other promotional strategies like online business directories, which are efficient and within the reach of the customer.

In the UK and Ireland, people with the desire to own a local home-based business have the opportunity to connect with the leading online directory offered by City Local. It provides a break for entrepreneurs to make money by running their own internet business. City Local offers a franchise opportunity across the UK and Ireland.

With the help of City Local Franchise you can own a business that has proved strategies and a very successful business model. Furthermore, franchisees get to manage their local directory and community website that is regularly updated with the information from the main head office.

In addition, franchisees, also known as local business promoters at City Local, work strategically by raising the business profiles and putting them in touch with new customers in the local region. You can benefit from City Local in the following ways:

•    It primarily targets small and medium size businesses that are often last behind in the race.

•    Maintenance of the local services is also easy and straightforward as the website is updated by Head Quarters.

•    Only a small amount of capital investment is required to avail the benefits of this franchise opportunity.

•    It is an ideal low-risk franchise.

•    Since the information on the website is automated, maintenance cost will stay low throughout the marketing process.

Though there are countless benefits of the franchise sales opportunity at City Local, every franchise owner must play their part. Those interested in the franchise must possess important attributes like ambition, drive, motivation, good organisation, etc. to make the most of this opportunity.

So, if you are keen on making an effort, get connected to the portal today. As long as you keep the desire to succeed, City Local is there to help!

For several years, business owners across the world made use of offline directories like yellow pages to reach their clients and vice-versa. But in recent years, internet has greatly transformed the way people do businesses and how they market their products and services.

CityLocal UK- Android App

CityLocal UK- Android App

On the other hand, the ease and accessibility that Internet provides, consumers have started using search engines to find the particular business in their area. This is the reason behind why in the past few years a number of online business directories have increased on the internet. Basically, these directories provide easy and detailed information about all the local businesses present in a particular area.

In today’s time, when mobile industry is growing so rapidly, people want to access information from wherever they are and whenever they want. Seeking this demand, many companies have come up with an idea of incorporating these directories with smartphones. A large number of Android and iPhone apps have been created till date which provides the detailed information about all the businesses present in your area.

CityLocal UK- Android app is one amongst such apps which covers more than 400 towns across the UK and provides local information straight to the user’s Smartphone. Also, it includes information such as local weather information, news, cinemas, properties, jobs and much more.

So, be ready to explore the amazing features of this app!

A business can be easy to start but can be very difficult to run and maintain. It is merely worthless to start a business if you fail to make the initial investments. Therefore, in order to make high-end profits, it is important for every enterprise to come into the limelight of their valuable customers, more briefly it is important to promote your business effectively.



Therefore, for such business groups, City Local is an ideal platform to get started with. It is a community run by local people in the United Kingdom and Ireland to promote local businesses for great profits. It offers internet franchisees to start-ups, which helps in lifting and highlighting their profile within the local community through various advertising strategies.

It has its own website and smart phone application that enables every individual to stay connected and benefit from its valuable opportunities. City Local also serves as a local business directory with the following as few of its special services.

•    Local News

•    Local Events

•    Local Jobs

•    Cars for Rent

•    Properties for sale

•    Cinema Listings

•    Free advertisements

•    Local Hotels

So, once you become a member of the CityLocal family, you become liable of availing the following benefits. Have a look:

•    No stocks, no returns and no rejects in employing the services.

•    A defined range of territory to market your products and services.

•    Low start-up costs, low running costs and tiny overheads.

•    Rapid paybacks for the hard work you do.

•    No employees to manage and operate the business activities.

Get started today with City Local and let your business achieve the highest pinnacle of success with its resourceful and supportive online platform!.

Resource :-  City Local Ltd

Hundreds and thousands of businesses lay their foundation stone every year by buying and launching a successful franchise in the UK. However, only a few amid them actually taste the fruit of success and achieve high-end profits.

Citylocal Business Franchise

Citylocal Business Franchise

It is a common belief that, to run an organization lucratively, you need brilliant ideas, fervent, hard working entrepreneurs and great deal of time and money.

Though there is no denial to this, with a franchise, which is a replica of the way a flourishing organization already operates in other parts of the country, is much easier to set a start-up in motion. And, this could be the sole reason as to why multitudes of UK business franchises are available for sale on the web world nowadays.

When looking into the benefits of purchasing a franchise, there is no denying that it actually gives the entrepreneur the much needed guidance at launch time. In addition, it also reduces the risk of investment and improves the chances of the business being profitable right from the start. Therefore, it is important to consider the valuable benefits a new franchise brings to your existing business firm.

There are hosts of online dealers to help you with franchising decisions today. They are specialist promoters that work closely with large firms to promote their franchises within the local and international community. Therefore, you can ask them for guidance and trust them when they highlight which franchises might be suitable for your budget and personality.

If you are the next one looking for a really good business franchise for sale in the UK, get started with your search on the internet to find the very best business models today!